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wrist injury/hockey player

Question: wrist injury/hockey player

i broke my wrist about 3 weeks ago playing hockey. how long is the recovery time, and when will i be able to pick up a stick again as our team has nationals at the end of march and i want to play then.


A great way to decrease your healing time is to try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This therapy has been known to greatly speed up the healing process. A lot of professional athletes use it. Check out Its one company that I know of that caters to people all over the U.S..


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Vitamin C is known to improve the healing of fractures. Relatively high doses are indicated, in the 3 to 4000mg range. Avoid dairy. It is an acid food and various studies have shown that in order to maintain a proper PH level calcium is utilised from the skeleton which could lead to osteoporosis.

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I love playing hockey and last time when I played I injured myself and I decided to buy a pair of ugg slippers because those does not slide on the ice .


Recovery time from a normal bone fracture is a month. But it can take to six months to fully recover, and the bone will be weaker, I strongly suggest leaving the hockey pool games for a while about a year.