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wrist injury

Question: wrist injury

Hi I'm 41 years old
My right wrist is injured from punching to a hard thing 8 months before. MRI scan showed no ligament tear and no bone break but it showed mild effusion in my wrist and DRUJ injury. My wrist has a light pain and when I bend it backward it becomes more painful.
What should I do for treatment? When can I start working out specifically power training?


I have broken my right wrist twice I am a college athlete what i would recommend is getting a stress ball and using that a couple times a week until you feel your ready to do it everyday, and a hand grip strengthener, unfortunately you can't do much for the wrist but i have had significant improvement just by doing these things.


You should tape your wrist to provide compression to the DRUJ.

You should use individual circumferecial strips, not keep going around and around with one long strip. If you tape the distal strips to create a "V" pointing towards your middle finger on the dorsal side of your hand, it will help limit extension.

I would perhaps avoid end of range pronation and supination so that you do not further strain the DRUJ ligaments.