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Why does the area right below my knee hurt?

Question: Why does the area right below my knee hurt?

So I play soccer and I'm a valet for a living and the area right below my knee has been hurting a lot after I run at work a lot or right after I play a soccer game and I've cooled down a little, to the point that it hurts to put any pressure on my leg or bend my knee and still after I even ice it for awhile, but stops hurting after about a day of no running. Also in the area it hurts there is now a bump and not sure if its bone or something else. When I push on it it's a little tender ( when I haven't been running but after I have ran a lot it's really tender). Also it's all bumpy compared to my other leg. Not sure if his will help just trying to avoid a huge medical bill. Anything will help. Thank you!


Inflammation of the patellar Tendon
R.I.C.E methodology
IBand stretch
Knee cap manipulation etc.