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What shoulder injury do I have? HELP PLEASE!!!

Question: What shoulder injury do I have? HELP PLEASE!!!

First of all, I'm living in Korea so I can't freely speak with doctors too well. I have had a shoulder injury for over 2 years now. I first noticed it after a session of heavy decline bench pressing. The next time I tried to press, I had very low strength and pain. This would usually tell me shoulder impingement right? But what I don't understand is it has been accompanied by spasm in the trap as well. The spasm doesn't seem to be triggered by anything inparticular, rather it just comes and goes. As well, the shoulder doesn't hurt all of the time, just when exercising, except for the spasming.

Docs have told me:
1. impingement synd.
2. SLAP lesion
3. imbalance of ant/post delt (not this, I'm pretty well-trained and knowledgeable).

Stretching has helped some. Training hasn't. TENS and ice hasn't helped.

I guess the next step will be to have an MRI.

Any thoughts?


you proberbly have trigger points. they are present in overactive muscles and come and go. nothing much helps except some exercise, heat and stretching.

I would expect to see imbalance in the muscles controlling the shoulder joint, either the scapular or the glenoid or both. try feeling throught the muscle effected. if you hit a point of tenderness or replicates your pain that may twitch it's a trigger point.

They can switch the muscle off when active hense the weak feeling. You may have core stability imbalance leading to the shoulder patterning problems too.

check out

t has a great diagnosis section and is run by a excellent shoulder consultant in the uk, ie proper advise from experts!

don't panic, triggers are a pain (literally) but are not damaging in themselves over the short term and can be got rid of.
hope that helps,

k mckie BSc (Hons) physiotherapy, mcsp. hpc, acp, ocppp.