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What should I do about extreme shin splints

Question: What should I do about extreme shin splints

I have now had a shin splint for 2 years. It started out as just a little one that I ignored, but as it grew worse I went to go see a doctor. After getting a bone scan the results showed no stress fracture. My orthopedic said that I could run again and the pain should go away. Well the pain has only increased. I just started running again in June and I had been resting for 1 and half years. Please help


Stretch your lower extremity, quads., hamstrings,gluteals,gastronemius and particulary soleus. Receive assessment from therapist (try an Osteopath) for pelvis and foot mechanics also flexibility. Have strength assessed especially medial gluteals. Receive treatment iliotibial tracts and lower extremity muscles including soft tissue techniques and stretching. Treatment also to align pelvis. You may require orthotics also. Finally speak with somebody who knows about training shoes.


Thank you!