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what is the most effective treatment for tibialis-posterior tendinitis.

Question: what is the most effective treatment for tibialis-posterior tendinitis.

I broke the cuboid bone in my right foot about 9 months ago and I now have tibialis-posterior tendinitis in the same foot. So far I am wearing an old pair of orthodics from in the past in my shoes and doctor wants to do ultrasound treatments. I am in a lot of pain and my foot is completely flat. I haven't had an MRI for three months, which was due to the other injury in my foot. They have not ordered another one. Also my cuboid fracture was undiagnosed for 2 months because they did not see it in the initial x-ray until an MRI was done later. Overall it took almost 7 months to completely heal. Could this have any bearing also on this problem around the ankle area? Should I seek an second opinion?

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Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

You have a lower back problem, a nerve impediment at L5 level on the right side.
This is the base of the spine, and affects the following muscles. Anterior tibialis, posterior tibialis peroneus, These muscles are stabilisers of the ankle. Also the sacro-spinalis on the right is not functioning properly. related to the same spinal segment.
You need to see a competent chiropractor, trained in Applied Kinesiology.
He can test all the muscles in your foot and confirm my assesment, and commence manipulative treatment of the lower back.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.
'Bahk-Ge's retreat'
Natural and Spiritual Healing Center