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What happened to my arm

Question: What happened to my arm

I played baseball and softball for a lot of years and went to play in College, My first year of College, I through my arm out where I did not have the arm strength I had in High School, which resulted in quitting the sport I loved, I pitched and played Outfield. Over the years I continued to play softball but in smaller doses. I still play today, but once a week is all I can do because my arm will be sore. I had a MRI about 5 yrs ago and they couldn't find anything and said to rehab would strenghten my arm. I am 48 and trying to play in a 45plus Mens League but worried that I can't do it. When moving my arm in a circle position my arm grinds or pops continuously. My elbow seems intact with no to little pain at times, but what happened to my strenght and velocity on my pitching arm ? It feels like I arm trying to throw left handed but I am right handed

Please help