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What did it feel like for you when you did your knee.. (Ligaments/menisci/tears/ruptures) also your outcome?

Question: What did it feel like for you when you did your knee.. (Ligaments/menisci/tears/ruptures) also your outcome?

I'm an avid soccer player and keen runner.

I did my knee on the 19th may 2013, so it has only just sort of been a week post injury.

My individual experience:
The sound I heard was ridiculously loud. I heard two sounds directly after each other first more of a click the second I would describe as a snap or pop.

The pain for me is immediate and excruciating (at the time I put my pain level worse then child birth) plus (I've had two children)

I was in the most common position for menisci and ACL injuries (knee bent with tibia rotation upon foot fall)

My X-ray results came back with an abnormality (forgive my lack of terminology as I'm still learning) posterior and at the top where the tibia meets the knee didn't have a smooth edge. The doctor poked and prodded around but I didn't feel any pain (I was I credibly high off my face!! One thing they were good at was liberally dosing me up with morphine)

When I did this injury my knee locked in the bent position and it was stuck this way for atleast 45 minutes until the paramedics got to me (so I was delirious with pain)
I don't think the paramedics believed that I couldn't straighten my knee, so when they tried to put my leg in a splint they kept telling me to relax.
Eventually my knee cracked and gave way again and went back to a normal (unlocked) position and was then straight in the splint. (That pain alone was on par with when it first gave way! That was with 15mg of morphine they ended up giving me five more mgs while on route to hospital.

I've had my MRI on the 24th and having to wait for results is pain staking! I just want to be back on that soccer field helping my team win!

So far one week post injury I don't have much pain if I keep it elevated for most of the day, the pain changes it's spot really so I don't have a particular point.
My physio gave me static quad exercises to do to keep quad strength incase I do need surgery, as well as calf stretches.
I can put a small amount weight on it (with a knee brace on) trying to walk without it my knee is just too unstable. I find most of my instability is posterior rather then anterior I don't have any medial instability but I do have medium lateral instability to my left knee.

Bruising predominately around my patella but I do have it is various patches around my knee.
Majority of my swelling is above my patella but it's pretty much puffy all over and in comparison it becomes fairly obvious.

Just wondering how it felt for you?
Did you hear any noises?
What was it like one week post injury?

I have looked around on some blogs particularly "knee guru" and the sheer difference between people's experiences are out of this world.

Would any of you have an idea on what I've done?

What was surgery like for you?
Return to former sport?
Ability after returning to sport after rehab/surgery?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!
If you have any questions ask away please! I will answer back :)


I had similar injury and pain, similar pop noise from a torn lateral meniscus, and a smaller tear on the ACL.

I couldn't put weight on it for a few weeks afterwards and it felt like a screwdriver being dug into the side of my knee if I did any weight bearing e.g Lifting a baby etc.

If you have the same injury I had :
You will need surgery on the meniscus, and maybe able to avoid surgery on the ACL through "leg extensions/curls, cycling, swimming rehab"

However your ACL sounds slightly worse than mine, but this does not mean its all over. Rehab exercise may work, but surgery will fix you if it doesn't.I didn't have ACL surgery and it still took 9 months to get it right, ACL rehab is only 6 months.

Avoid any sudden jumping movements for the rest of your Life (e.g Plyometric and kicking off side of swimming pool etc.)these will increase the degree of tear and cause pain post op. sudden twisting movements in football studs etc. similarly.

Let the surgery take care of the tear in the meniscus, you may need to have some removed too.It could take me 9 months to get proper pain free movement again.
I have successfully treated people similarly with post-op rehab.

Breathe, relax, you will be back relatively soon.
You will get an Arthroscopy for free during the surgery ( make sure the surgeon cleans the whole area under the knee cap)! Your knees will be squeaky clean again. Tony