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what can i do to sort it out?

Question: what can i do to sort it out?

hiya, i used to be a goalkeeper for coventry city girls until i injured my thumb in the last game in a tournament for them.

i slid out to get the ball and another player came sliding in with me and caught my thumb. it bent back that far i felt it touch my wrist. i was in agony so i got sent to the hospital. they confirmed that i had not broken it which was good news as i wanted to get back to football. but the bad news was that i had jarred all the joints in my thumb.

but unfortunatly on the day i was meant to go for trials i was unable to move my thumb and i was still in a lot of pain with it. it has now been 10 weeks since i injured my thumb and it stil has not sorted its self out.. can you help me please as i am so much pain with it every day. thank you