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What can I do for sore HAMSTRINGS

Question: What can I do for sore HAMSTRINGS

I have sore or tight hamstrings. I've had this problem for about 4yrs. It starts in my lower back and goes down though my glutes and down my hamstrings. This problem makes it hard for me to stand up straight first thing in the morning. The more I move around they will start to loosen up. HELP! what should I do?


It appears that you may have a biomechanical problem in your lumbosacral and/or sacroiliac areas.
Your hamstrings attach to the pelvis, therefore if your lower back and /or pelvic area is not functioning properly then it will affect the hamstrings.
As you move around you will regain some movement in these areas and 'loosen up'.

I would advise you to get assessed by a physiotherapist or chiropractor. Ask around, a verbal recommendation is more valuable than any advertisement.


Thanks for the answer Andrew, much appreciated.