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What can I do for golfers elbowl

Question: What can I do for golfers elbowl

hurts on inside of arm at the elbow. Was both arms now only one elbow hurts.


I fixed mine using a combo of "eccentric loading" & stretching. Numerous ways to do this, I used:

- Eccentric bicep curls with cables/bands. Use the "good" arm to raise the affected arm into the curl position (with wrist curled), then slowly lower the affected arm under its own steam, resisting the pull of the cable all the way. Make sure to let the affected arm go straight at the end of the movement, uncurling the wrist.


- Reverse Tyler twists with a Theraband flexbar (Google for Youtube vidz)

With either, do 15 reps twice or three times a day.

Stretching: put hand flat against a door or table with arm rotated so that fingers are pointing backward. Hold the stretch for 30 secs.


It sounds like you may have torn a tendon in your elbow. Seeing a doctor is always the best answer, just to make sure. In the meantime, cold compresses will help reduce inflammation and swelling and will also help relieve most of the pain you are experiencing.

In order to heal tendon damage what you need is blood flow. There is a Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST) that I highly recommend. It is an energy web within an elbow wrap that promotes the circulation you need, deep down below the dermal level, in order to heal.

I hope this information helps.