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what can i do to begin to run again after an lliotibial injury how can i rehibit?

Question: what can i do to begin to run again after an lliotibial injury how can i rehibit?


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

You didn't mention how long ago the injury occurred so it is a bit difficult to advise but here we go.
If the injury occurred within the last week don't do anything. If it occurred longer ago I would recommend Isometric exercises as follows; Sit on a straight chair with both legs straight in front off the floor. Press ankles together until stress is felt in the Iliotibial tendons and ligaments. Hold the pressure for no longer than 10 seconds.
Then, still with your legs off the floor put your left ankle on top of the right one, push up with the right leg, down with the left and alternate after 10 seconds. Overlap your ankles and push outward with both legs resisting with the ankles.

These exercises are good for passive rehabilitation until the muscles, tendons and ligaments are strong enough to start jogging, after which you can increase speed until you can run without any discomfort.
I recommend Vitamin C to help in the healing processes. At least 3000 mg to be effective.(See; 'Vitamin C and connective tissue' and 'Vitamin C and tendon/ligament injuries' on the net.
Both these methods,Isometrics and Vit.C, are considered old fashioned, but I find them cheaper, and more effective than needles or operations or Physio. (although less profitable)

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C.