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warming up tendons and/or ligaments in my elbow

Question: warming up tendons and/or ligaments in my elbow

Lately, I have been experiencing a little bit of discomfort in my elbow. I only have it when I do certain tricep exercises. I warmup for about 15 minutes on the eliptical but still always have a problem doing certain tricep exercises. Any advice on how to warm it up?


Maybe isometric exercises, where you contract but dont move, like holding a push up in the middle phase and not going up or down, do it with a tricep dip though. Where in the elbow does it hurt? if its coming on after certain tricep exercises, pain around the back, pain goes away when doing light exercises you may have triceps tendinopathy, which can be treated relatively easily. No point just treating pain though as it may not be the cause of it, need to find out why your elbow hurts when doing certain exercises and treat that, perhaps lack of flexibility, non-dominant arm so not as adaptive than your dominant. Make sure you fully stretch before doing any form of exercise which utilises your triceps.

Carl Davis (MSc Sports Therapy)