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Walkin Problem

Question: Walkin Problem

I am a male, 40 years old.My walking is embarrasing, that I move hips left and right, up and down (people laugh, call me some bad words, you know there are some people doing such movements on purpose, maybe it is aslo due to my posture and shape (bottom part a bit out and large relatively to my body))
I am a thin person. I went to fitness centers from time to time, to gain muscles and make those legs thicker.
I noticed some time ago, I am leaning backwards when standing or walking, which was making the hip motion exaggrated. To correct it, I started walking bend forward. No help, I looked bad that way, too.But I also get the habit of standing that way, now.
There seems to be nothing at X-Ray and MR Images. Doctor told to do exercises for abdominals, glutes, legs.
I did that abductor machine, where you open your legs against a resistance, I believe those add to my bad shaped bottom, too. Maybe they became strong. Or maybe I need some stretching and also to learn how to stand and walk again. I should lear nhow to move my hip or leg. Maybe my flat feet also contributes to that.
Any Stretching or Strength tests I can do at home to see what can be wrong with me. What to exercise? How a proper walking can be done?
My soul is really tortured, it is something killing me more psychologically, when I see those faces looking at me, smiling or laughing, or worse calling me bad names. I never go out, if possible.
I wrote so long. Thanks to anyone reading all that.


I would suggest Pilates. Find a good instructor and have some one to one sessions to ensure you are engaging the correct muscles and your movement patterns are correct. At the very least, this will be beneficial to improve posture, strengthen the back and give you more control in your movements, at the very most, strengthening the core muscles will help to stabilise the pelvis and help minimise the excessive movement. Find a podiatrist and have some good insoles fitted too, maybe a visit to an osteopath or chiropractor. Combine the three and I can assure you, you will see some improvement. Most of all patience and consistency is the key to seeing results. Factor the above into your life and you will be taking control of the situation. Hope this helps.