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Trouble getting hip injury diagnosed.

Question: Trouble getting hip injury diagnosed.

In the military and have had some real trouble getting my injuries diagnosed. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

That said it is confirmed that I have a left hip labram tear. I am told from a recent MRA it is torn from the 5 o'clock positon all the way around to the 12 o'clock position. So over 50% torn, not sure what that fully means yet but lets just say my left hip is bothering me. Have not had time to fix this problem I have been on deployment and have been just sucking it up with pain and mobility issues.

Fastforward 3 months, while on deployment my right hip has started bothering my. It has gotten worse and worse. Being in a remote location I was unable to have X-rays, MRI, etc... done so I was just treating with medication and PT. Now I am back in the states and our wonderful militay medical system has given me an appointment for late Aug and short of going into the ER I am stuck sucking the pain. It has gotten worse as the month have passed. Probably a 6 or 7 on the pain scale and jumps up to a 8 or 9 depending on what I am doing. (I consider 10=death or I would put 10 down)

I can not run, loading with body weight causes pain, when I shift in bed it is sharp pain in my hip and I instantly wake up in intense pain. If I stand on my feet too long my leg and foot go numb and the only relief is sitting down. I have very limited range of motion and can barely touch my toes and only for a short period of time. The main source of pain is in my righ hip and is pretty localized except when I stand up and thats when the pain increases and myleg goes numb. The PA who examined me did some tests and thought that I had cracked the head of my femor, maybe pelvis or hip.

Mind you I was jumping up and over walls and off roof tops with all my gear. I am 170lbs and my gear weighs anywhere from 45-60 lbs so there is some significant loading on the lower body. I am a life long soccer player, cyclist and endurance athlete. I have historically had very strong legs and have been refered to all "legs and lungs" This is killing me.

I am on oxy/percocet, etc.. just to get thru the day. Any suggestions out there or test to determine problem will be greatly appreicated. If the thought is that I should just go to the ER and forget waiting till my appt in Aug I will go. Thx for your time and apologize for the lengthy read.


I was reading your questions and concerns, but I am not sure what you are writing.

I think you are saying that the Lumbar....which is the disk in your back. You have stated the 5 oclock to 12 oclock as a tear???? Could you maybe mean the L5 disk and the 12 oclock maybe that is the T12? So your problem is the T12 to the L5 which would mean you have a problem with the T12, L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5???? That could make a big difference in what you are stating.

You should go to the ER and get a MRI on this. The injury needs to be diagnoised as to if you have herniated or ruptured disks. The longer you suck it up with the pain the more you risk additional injuries to your back and spine. This could also lead to problems in your hip, legs, and knees. Not to mention how it will do a domino effect into your upper back and neck. You could experience numbness in legs and buttock and if for some reason you have a cracked pelvis....lets not go there. Get to the doctors office or the ER and have it checked out immediately.

Possibly you might be able to work through your problem with massage therapy and acupunture treatments.

I hope this might be of help to you.



Thanks for the advice.

I spelled it wrong, it's a Labral Tear in my left hip, from the 5 o'clock to the 12 o'clock.

Thankfully no spine issues right now, at least I hope that is the case. I will head to the ER tonight and get the ball rolling and get an MRI and any other testing to hopefully find some resolution.

Thx again!


Hi! did you ever get a diagnosis on your hip? what was the outcome of your situation?