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Treatment therapy for Chronic Hamstring Tear

Question: Treatment therapy for Chronic Hamstring Tear

I'm and older runner (57) and I've been running for about 3 years. I completed my first marathon last October but have always battled tight and sore hamstrings these past three years. Last December, I developed chronic pain where the hamstring tendon connects to the ischial tuberosity in both legs but in slightly different locations. My left leg is so bad I can't even do a single leg eccentric hamstring curl with 20 lbs! I have pain and tightness especially after sitting for 30 minutes or more. The PT I was seeing was putting me through some rigorous stretching which aggravated the problem. An MRI resulted in a diagnosis of hamstring tear with edema at the insertion area.

Everything I've read on the internet about this condition indicates it is difficult and sometimes impossible to treat.

The most hopeful article I read was from:

This article suggest cross friction massage is the cure for chronic hamstring tears.

Does anyone have any experience with this injury and/or success using cross friction massage or other treatment?



Hi - just reading about your hamstring tear at the top of your hamstring where it connects to the ischial tuberosity. I have had this exact injury for the past two years. In December 2010 I developed pain in my left glute muscle - whereby sitting became very painful, most painful whilst driving. I had an MRI in 2010 and everyone concluded that I had Piriformis syndrome so that was treated with strength work for the Glute Muscles, hamstrings, hip rotators etc - gradually it improved, I didnt run much during mid 2011 mainly took part in cycle events. Then at the end of 2011 just last December on the week before Christmas while out running I felt the same pain in my glute/top of my hamstring almost like I had pulled something, it was so painful afterwards for days that I decided to have another MRI - this showed Tendonopathy and a tear at the connection point of the hamstring. For 2 months I could hardly sit without terrible pain, I couldn't walk far, especially up hill, I was trying everything massage, friction, physiotherapy, exercises etc - then a light at the end of the tunnel - I found a Sports Doctor specializing in hamstring injuries, who saw me said it was a bad injury but would be cured with - PRP Injections, exercises, rest from everything that irritated the injury. Now four months later I have to say I am 99% better,can sit no problems, can cycle loads, swim and do all my gym exercises consistently every day. I had two PRP injections and did all the exercises the DR and the Physio gave me, I also had some dry needling with the physio. I can say that I emphathise with what you are going through as for me it was the worst running injury I ever got. If you want any further details just send me your email address and I will email you with some links to further reading material. Hope my reply helps you.


Hi mhaire, nice post - many thanks for sharing your experience.


Mhaire ... Thank you! Please contact me at 110sierraridge(at)