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training with muscle stiffness

Question: training with muscle stiffness

hi there, just started back at the gym after a couple of years away, my question is, l have the muscle stiffness from my last workout, what l would like to know is it safe for me to the gym with muscle stiffness or should l wait for it to go before going back. thank you.


The best thing to do is create a workout schedule that allows enough time for muscle soreness to be gone by your next workout. For example, split your workout so that you do not lift the same muscle group within 48 hours of the last lift. A basic split that achieves this goal is:

Mon - Chest and Triceps
Wednesday - Back and Biceps
Friday - Shoulders and Legs

Also, when you're just starting back, don't lift any more than 2 to 3 days per week until you feel that you're recovering enough to add another day. Drink plenty of water and don't forget a multivitamin! Keep it up and your soreness will be a positive thing and not a hindrance.


thank you for that advice, will take on board.


You can lift and exercise while sore. It keeps the joints tighter and less susceptible to injury. Of course if it hurts so much you can't move, then your training program is much too aggressive and should be scaled back.

I am not a proponent of the split recommended earlier. This does not give any area a chance to rest sufficiently enough to recover and grow. In my opinion you would make better progress working the upper and lower torso on separate days with a break in between after the two days of exercise.

However, if the previously mentioned split works for you then hit it hard and enjoy the ride.



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