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top of foot/ankle injury, no idea how to fix

Question: top of foot/ankle injury, no idea how to fix

Hi there, I do parkour and while doing a leap to catch a wall I landed hard on the wall on my left foot. This compressed my foot towards my shin and was quite painful. Similar feeling to a sprain but not the usual location for it. Have tried resting it for weeks but last night while doing backflips I landed in the same manner on my left foot and the pain came right back again.

I want to get a support or strapping but due to the location and that very few of my friends know how to treat the injury I am unsure how to procede.

Hope this makes sense, I don't know the name for the location that hurts, hopefully someone here does.

the location is tyhe fleshy area right on the front of the ankle where the joint is.




this may well be a stress fracture which will show up on x-ray. Undoubtably you will have scar tissue on and around the area. My advice is to get an x-ray and depending upon the outcome see a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist to help reduce scar tissue, address any compensation patterns throughout the body and then adopt a programme to strength the ankle/foot area to guard against further injury. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the answer Lorns, much appreciated.


Stress fractures will rarely, if ever, show up on x-ray. In any case, this is not a stress fracture as there is a definite traumatic onset. Of most concern is the AITFL, and the syndesmosis. A weight-bearing x-ray would be useful for determining if the syndesmosis is injured. Otherwise it will be an acute anterior impingement injury of the tibia on the talar neck.


Hi Jordan, thanks for taking the time to answer and advise.