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Tight hip flexors

Question: Tight hip flexors

I get very very tight hip flexors when I run 5km or more. Infact, I get it when I do any form of exercise. Stretching before or after exercise doesn't seem to make any difference. Could there be other factors causing this issue?? Maybe pelvic imbalance?? Please help!!


From Duncan in our Sports Injury Bulletin Facebook group:

'One of the contributing factors for tightness in this region can be hip missalignment. However this is only one possibility! Depending on your weight, excercises undertaken, sport persued, flexibilty program followed as well as your gender/... age/ injury history. Some people suffer from tight muscles yet hyper mobile tendons and ligaments in this area- often hormone related. Weak lower leg musculature can also mean the hip complex has to absorb much of the load during any percussive loading eg running, jumping etc. Hope this is of some help. D'