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Thought it was just a pulled hamstring... that was over 6 years ago

Question: Thought it was just a pulled hamstring... that was over 6 years ago

I danced Ballet for 10 years, stopped 5 years ago when I went to college.
Before I quit I "pulled" a hamstring, or that's what I thought, doing a grand battement (high kick) forward, without being properly warmed up.

While I was still dancing it didn't bother me too much, because I was stretching often. Since quitting, however, the muscle(tendon?) seems to have shortened up and become really tight.

Its not aggravated in typical hamstring stretches (leading me to think its not a hamstring thing) such as a forward stretch over the legs, however, if I do more of a straddle, even just a slight 'V' I get a sharp pain from groin wrapping to the back of my knee.
I do have hyperextension in my knees, and had become more conscientious about not locking my knees in the latter half of my dance career.

I'm wanting to get back in shape now that I'm nearing the end of my college days. I've picked up weight training, yoga and ballroom dance, but this old injury is coming back to haunt me.

Any suggestions to what muscle/tendon I may have injured. Do you think I should see a doctor? Treatment ideas?



You have similar symptoms to my injury. I'll try to answer your question in Lamen terms as I am not an expert in all the muscular terms. I am however a competitive Soccer player.
In my 2nd year in college while playing rec soccer I "pulled" my hamstring playing my second game in less than 6 hours. It also was really late at night in a december in Canada so not stretching was a very bad idea.

Long story short 3 years later I have still not completely recovered.

Your hamstring muscles are probably completely healed now. However the receptors and stabilizers are not due to imbalance of strength between your hamstrings and quads(your injured hamstring and quads are not communicating properly due to a comparitively weaker hamstring)

A weak hamstring can also lead to hip displacement and tension in the glutes. If you do feel regular tension in your glute/hip area, I suggest you visit a chiropractor and find out if your hips are out of position (you can test this at home by lying down flat on the ground and asking someonne to examine the length of your feet i.e if one is longer than the other due to displacement even just by a few mms)

To recover, you need to start doing strengthening exercises starting from your hamstring going up to your glutes and hips and finally your lower back. Core strengthening is also very important if you have a weak core. It may sound cumbersome but if you want to get back into competitive shape, all this is needed.