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Tennis wrist problem

Question: Tennis wrist problem

I have been having a problem with a wrist injury for the past 8 or so weeks.
I am getting pain along the outside of the wrist (side of the pinky finger) roughly about 1-2 inches from where the wrist joins the palm (about where you would wear a watch).
Recently this is also spreading to the inside of the wrist (roughly in the middle of the inside of the wrist, again about where you would wear a watch).
I don't often get pain when playing, but recently I have sturggled with recovery after playing - sometimes being unable to play again for a further 2 weeks.
Any help diagnosing and rehabilitating would be good.


Hi it sounds like a repetitive strain injury, probably the problem is with the ulnar nerve, you may have some inflammation which will cause discomfort when used excessively, the best cure is rest you may also need to see a doctor. Apart from tennis are you doing any other repetitive movements like computers/gaming/musical instruments etc. which may also cause inflammation?


thanks for your response.
i do work throughout the week, so do a fair bit of typing (my mouse is on the other side, so that shouldn't be a both).
and other things - i do a bit of gaming and have an ipod touch which i use a lot - i guess i should cut down on these too.
i'd much rather lose the x-box than never play tennis again .....


I have been working with Sports Injuries for 22years. I am a massage therpist BUT I work with the energy of the body releasing the toxins stagnated in the core of the muscle. I have worked with this injuring many times. It comes from the Deltiod you have to get someone strong enough to work the muscle towards the elbow you will feel the pain if they are doing the correct method and with great strength and force push the pain down your arm through your wrist over your fingers if they have succeeded you will feel an electric shock go through your fingers. I am the only one in Australia whom can do this but Im sure your over the injury and will try it.


Wrist injuries are very dangerous and you have to be very careful especially if you love playing tennis. Get some tennis tickets and rest your hands for a few months if you are having any trouble or pain.


Your advice was indeed correct buddy. Sports is for health, so you should not risk your health in playing it. Thumbs up!

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