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Tennis wrist pain

Question: Tennis wrist pain

I started to play tennis last summer but I hurt my wrist and I could not play anymore. Since then almost 6 months past, but I still have pain when i move my left palm inside. I still did not visit doctor, cuase I hoped it will past by time. It is intresting that I have the sam pain as I had first day when I move my wrist toward inside side. I would really appreciate your help.

Waiting for your soonest reply.



I suggest you visit your doctor to have a diagnosis and then see a Physio, sounds like a muscle strain.

Robert Hawkins - Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist
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I've been playing tennis for almost 10 years. But this last summer, I started feeling a small pain in my wrist. I kept playing through it because I didn’t think it was big deal. Then I came back to my college to play tennis and then, the pain increased. I haven't played tennis for like 4 months. I had X-ray, MRI, and recently I used a cast for like 3 weeks. The pain recently seemed to have gone away, but a couple of days ago I started feeling the pain again. I used a lot my wrist to hit top spin shots. Do you have any idea what this could be?



Hi there

I am a Kinesiologist/sports therapist in Australia

Problems with the wrist are often caused by a malfunction of the Brachioradialis muscle which runs from the lower half of the upper arm bone(humerus) to the thumb side of the lower arm bone (radius)and flexes the elbow and rotates the wrist. This is the muscle that causes RSI and pulls carpal bones out of alignment causing carpal tunnel syndrome.
It is often involved in allergies and tightens up. Avoiding the most common allergens (dairy, peanuts, potatoes, food colouring etc.) will be beneficial. Massaging spinal reflex points (on the spinal process) at T12 level will help as well as massaging the ribs in the front under the nipple starting at left of the sternum (breastbone) and working towards the upper arm. Often there is an emotional side to this muscle malfunctioning and thinking about stress in your life while holding the forehead will disolve the emotions.

Good luck