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Strongman,strength training and elbows

Question: Strongman,strength training and elbows

So i used to train shoulders and sqauts and developed really bad elbow tendonitis, after a break some deep massage and cortison injections i have been trouble free for almost a year. Training was going well till last week i was sqauting and the bar slid slightly low on my heavy set i didnt feel discomfort at the time but the next day i felt the dull ache and knew instantly what it was. Pulling or pushing spanners really hurt it as well, but not at the initial pull or push but when i release the tension from my hands is when it hurts.
So what i want to know is how do i strengen my tendons, should start stretching my wrists to make them more flexible.Thanks for any replies.


Hi there Colin

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

Tendons, ligaments and connective tissue depends on Vitamin C for repair (collagen formation) and proper function. The pain you experience is an acupuncture point on the triple heater meridian, TH 10.
This indicates immune system stress which can affect the Thymus gland, situated behind the breastbone. This is the Mastergland of the immune system and is often involved in allergies, in particular those allergies affecting the proper function of the brain, such as alcohol overuse, and/or drug use.
The Thymus is responsible for the manufacture and utilisation of T cells, Immuno-Globulins's. The brain is the biocomputer and altering its function with chemicals that are alien to the human system can, and will cause permanent damage in the end.
Vitamin C is needed in a fairly large dose. I recommend 4000 mg daily.
The recommended daily allowance is 60 mg, which is adequate for a person in a coma, but the stresses of life plus the selfinflicted, places the needs much higher. The Thymus gland, like all glands, depends on Zinc for proper function. I recommend a supplement of 100 mg daily, 50 mg to be taken twice daily with meals.
Drink plenty of clean fresh unchlorinated water helps to detox. Being a meridian rather than a muscle we can't do more than wait until the supplements take effect, which, under normal circumstances, take a couple of weeks. Corticosteroids are painkillers but do not help a great deal. As a Kinesiologist we want to get to the cause of the problem rather than work with drugs of ANY kind.

Good luck

Hans de Rycke Fr.R.C
'Bahk-Ge's Retreat'
Natural and Spiritual Healing Center


Excellent thanks for the in depth answer. This is quite interesting as i usually take 1000mg of vit C daily but the past few months i have not been taking any, will up the dose and i have recently ordere some ZMA.Thank you again.