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sore hamstrings

Question: sore hamstrings

I've had problems with sore hamstrings for about 10 years now. I started to notice it at University when I was competing regularly on the cross-country circuit. These days running is pretty painful so I don't compete anymore. I've seen multiple specialists and nobody to date has successfully treated the problem.

The soreness kicks-in after about a mile of steady running. I also feel a burning pain in the hamstrings when I'm sitting sometimes. Oddly enough the only way to relieve the burning pain is to hold a hamstring stretch for a minute or so (e.g. touch toes) - looks a bit weird in the middle of an office I can assure you!

I've been told by a couple of physios that I have an exeptionally tight lower back and that the pain may be 'referred'. Unfortunately none of the exercises I've been given to do to resolve this have had any effect.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? I'd love to get back into running again properly but it's just too painful at the moment. I've also been told that continuing to run may exacerbate the problem - is this true?