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Shoulder Pain

Question: Shoulder Pain


I have played baseball for 14 years and 2 very competitive years fighting for scholarships. I have had one bone spur, bone decompression surgery before and it proved to be unsucessful. I have a terrible pain in the back of my shoulder, but it is a long drawn out injury that seems to have spread. The pain is a constant pain, and is easily aggravated by overhead lifts and movements that require the joint to move forward. With my arms out to the side, if i roll my hand, palm down, forward the pain worsens. My 1st MRI and orth. look showed no major torn tendons and some bad rotator cuff inflammation. I have pain that seems to go behind my shoulder blade as well, i can hear a crackle of sorts when i even inhale. i also have a constant ability to "crack" or "pop" my shoulder. Any advice or help is appreciated. 2 year injury that has altered and changed my life.


Well, it would be good if You get it thoroughly treated first and later concentrate on play again. Doing both You stand chances of loosing out in both and staying up with pain again. You need that surgery or some good medication immediately.


It sounds like you need another MRI of the original surgery. The other pain is probably caused by your body attempting to stabilize the injured area and/or compensate by using different muscles. The fact that one surgery failed does not mean nothing can be done.
When you get the prognosis and cost, then you can decide if you want to try another surgery, do physical therapy, or just let it rest and cool, pay for college yourself, and live with it.
One option you don't have is to ignore the pain and keep working it.