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Shoulder/ Neck pain.. need an opinion on if this is serious or not

Question: Shoulder/ Neck pain.. need an opinion on if this is serious or not

I play football in high school. About 8 weeks ago in practice I hit a reciever going out for a screen and got what felt like a stinger. Now i've had plenty of stingers before but this one hurt worse than any one i've ever had.The pain sorta emanates from my trap. Now everytime when i hit someone straight up and my neck goes back i get that same feeling all over again. It really hurts to stretch my neck and stuff like that. My coach says its just a stinger but i've never heard of something like this. How serious is this problem and if i can make it better myself how?


If I were in your position I would be seeing a doctor to find out what is going on with your body. You already know what a stinger is, if this one is different then it needs attention. It's easy for a coach to say it's a stinger but it's your body, not the coaches. Seek professional help on this one just in case something more serious has happened to your spinal column.


i would have gone to a doctor a long time ago but its my senior year and i don't want to miss it. I'll probably go get it checked out after the season is over if its still bothering me. I appreciate the help man