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Shoulder injury from boxing.

Question: Shoulder injury from boxing.

Hi. Started a boxing workout about nine months ago and is now having a shoulder issue. I remember hyperextending my arm a few times while boxing and think that might be the problem. The issues I am having now is a lot of popping and crunching noises coming from between my shoulder blades and top by the traps. It is slightly painful and very scary as I feel that I can not put all my weight on my arm when lying and turning over. Any suggestions on exercises or stretches to do? I really do not want it to become a chronic issues.
An example of it happening is if doing a dip, I can do it if my scapula is retracted and depressed, but if it is elevated and protracted, I get a lot of popping and crunching going on. I am still relatively flexible and can reach behind my back with no problems. Can I have hyperextended something and what is the best thing to do? Thanks so much.


It's a controllable thing in case you master boxing.pacquiao vs marquez 4


Go to specialist to see what it is and for that to be cured to avoid further injury. You can try to undergo training at gym so that you will be guided with your workouts. Anyway, do you have any idea on where will be the pacquiao vs marquez 4 match will be held? If have some information kindly share it to me through pm.


You better consult injury expert or have your shoulder be scanned on x-ray machines. We can not determine the real issue your shoulder unless we can have the x-ray result.

Shoulder injuries are very common especially to people who are doing extreme sports or exercise. In relation to the upcoming Mayweather vs Canelo match here [link removed by moderator], I hope no one would be injured on their training sessions wo that everyone can watch a really best fight in boxing.