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RHP possible hip flexor/ hamstring injury I need help!

Question: RHP possible hip flexor/ hamstring injury I need help!

I have been playing through what seems like just a muscle pull for a while now. I have been smart about it through stretching, biking, bands, foam rolling you name it. I had my i.t. bands rubbed out and that didn't do anything to help my cause. I am worried I have torn something and that I will not be able to play in college next year, I can still hit 88 mph with a sore back leg I am 6'6 but I don't feel the same any help would be nice.
I have limited movement in my glut area at the top of the i.t. band and when i do stand up and do a hamstring stretch my leg pops at the very top of my hamstring

This is a possibility Semitendinosus injury


From Duncan on our Facebook page:
You mention plenty of flexibilty work, and mobilization of the area, but that is only 1/2 the solution! If there is pre-existing scar tissue what about a strengthening program? Clearly an imbalance exists between legs which may have greatly contributed to a unilateral overload.

Your rehab program must include gradual progressive resistence training to not only address any strength imbalances but will also improve strength, flexibilty, proprioception and imrove blood flow to the margins surrounding the damaged tissue/tendon insertions. Goodluck


A few things: You describe pain in the glute(posterior), IT band (lateral upper thigh/pelvis) and Hamstring(semitendinosis) pain (posterior thigh) is the pain in all these areas or does it localize to a specific spot? But a hamstring strain that is recalcitrant to the treatments you have employed seems unlikely, but possible. I say this because the hams have a great blood supply which=nutrients and oxygen which= healing. So a lingering ham strain would be on the bottom of my list at this point. In baseball you guys use a lot of hip/pelvic muscles to generate massive power to hit homers, throw fast balls and steal bases so I would focus my search for muscles of the pelvis and hips to find your mystery diagnosis. I think you should do an internet search on the tensor fascia lata, and the piriformis muscles these two are probably the closest fit to your description above. Both can cause pain in all the areas you listed and can be rather challenging to treat if severe enough. Dont know how often you read the reviews here but If you can leave more details on the location of the pain and what you were doing when it originally happened I may be able to help you pinpoint the problem!


thank you I have started a rehab program which consists of resistance training (thera-bands and resistance tubes) It seems to be more of a hamstring problem I am getting evaluated early next week I appreciate the help.
Thank you,


Also I am pretty sure it is semitendinosis. That seems to be the spot that is causing me pain, also I was wearing vans shoes, which doesn't help. I have taken a week off from baseball and have been wearing cross trainers to school, which has improved leg comfort dramatically.


You will want to ensure that your pelvis is in alignment. It is common for one side of the pevis (innonimate) to rotate during such a mechanism of injury.

It could be holding you back.