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rhabdomylosis/ fibromyalgia

Question: rhabdomylosis/ fibromyalgia

Three years ago I took 2 spinning classes and I ended up dehydrating I woke up with triple swollen upper legs could not walk were really tight feeling. I went to the er they took blood and a urine test.The doctor said my electrolites were really high and I had Rhabdomylosis. I was in the hospital for a week with Iv.Iam forty years old and I have burning pains in my legs and the upper thighs still swell. I feel terrible when it rains outside or if it gets really cold.My bottom legs below my knees inner muscles burn and when you rub them they really hurt all the time. I have had numerous cortozone shots they really help with the swelling. The doctors keep saying it is fybromyalgia.I try and exercise just the tread mill 15 min. weekly. not sure if there might be somthing else going on.I take lasix and potassium pills daily. I have had test for diabetes, cancer,lupis, and ms. What do you think or do you have any suggestions.