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Return to competition/rehab of Distal Radius buckle fracture

Question: Return to competition/rehab of Distal Radius buckle fracture

My 12 yr old son, who plays baseball, recently suffered an injury to his wrist/forearm area in a non sport related injury. His family doctor indicated it was a buckle fracture to his distal radius. They wanted to treat the injury with a below elbow cast for four weeks, even though we had discussed several medical studies indicating that for this injury that splinting resulting in equal outcomes compared to a plaster cast. We now had the cast removed at 3 weeks: he has no pain, slight loss in strength and flexibility. The doctor wants to wait an additional 2 weeks to take a second x-ray and didn't give any specifics for rehab. Most of the literature that I've been able to find indicates that this injury usually takes about three to four weeks to heal, but I've been unable to find any real information on how to rehab and what criteria should be used to decide when he can return to sports.