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Rehabilitation for a wrist fracture in a snowboarder

Question: Rehabilitation for a wrist fracture in a snowboarder

I am a Masters student who is looking for some help/advice for an essay.

how would i rehab a snowboarder with a wrist fracture??

i need to create a rehabilitation programme (early to intermediate phases) in one of the following areas: strength, core, proprioception.
i have chosen strengthening as i feel this area is most appropriate for the wrist fracture injury as stregnth will probably be most affected in this phase of rehab.
need to come up with exercises, progressions of exercises, and general rehab for an athlete with a wrist fracture, which has to be specific to snowboarding. there is not much research available in terms of what exercises one should do in this situation, which is why i am asking for your help! :)

i have to make an educational package to go along side a literature review. i have decided to make an 'app' so i will make pictures/videos of exercises to put into the app.

any help would be much appreciated!!


Hi asht.

This has been posted across to twitter for you and we'll let you know if we get any responses over there.