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Rehab for Sever's Disease

Question: Rehab for Sever's Disease

I was wondering what a rehab program would look like.

beginning with the acute stage, to early sub acute, through to late sub acute.

and what the activation, flexiblity, proprioception and strengthening exercises would be.



Hi squerkle, I will pop your question on our Facebok page and pass any responses on to you.

How long have you been suffering from this?


From Graeme Hadlow on Facebook.

"keep it very simple Rest, ankle MwM, calf complex stretching, consider and control hindfoot valgus/ varus, avoid flat shoes, use of a comfy soft heel pad and employ recovery microcycles with the young athlete, and get the coach on board with dynamic warm ups and sensible activity modification . and allow for symptoms to settle - this varies 6-12 often."

Hope this is helpful to you.