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Reducing Synovitis inflammation in the right knee

Question: Reducing Synovitis inflammation in the right knee

Dear sirs,
I have synovitis in the lateral aspect of my right knee extending into the popliteal recess and am really struggling to reduce and remove the inflammation.

I am currently having physiotherapy and am icing with an ice pack once daily.

I am a competitive cross country mountain biker and have not ridden my bike in 4 months due to the inflammation.

The knee pain started around July/Aug and I had an MRI scan on the 30th Sept so it has been ongoing for a few months now.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated?

Best regards


Hi Nigel.

I would definitely recommend putting a cold compress on your knee more often, especially after any kind of physical activity that involves straining your knee.

Cold treatments are the best thing you can do. It will help reduce inflammation and swelling, and will help relieve and pain you may be experiencing. The healing process in general will take forever if you have a lot of inflammation, so you really got to get that down.

I know of a great knee wrap that comes with 3 cold gels that keep the cold for long periods of time and stay flexible. I've attached the link to their website in case you want to take a look. Hope you find some relief and get that inflammation down.

Kind regards,