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Recurrent episodes of posterior hip/gluteal pain during running

Question: Recurrent episodes of posterior hip/gluteal pain during running

I am 42yrs old I run since 20yrs now. Since some years I get episodes of posterior gluteal pain during running. This puts me off running. I have a operated L4-5 microdiscectomy done 8yrs back. Did 2 full marathons after that. During a pain episode 3 yrs back and 5yrs after the surgery a MRI was done which has ruled out a spinal pathology. On palpation there is vague tenderness (difficult to pinpoint)as follows: On external rotation of the hip-Along the posterior margin of the greater trochanter approximately 3cms caudad from the superior end. On internal rotation of the hip - Superior and posterior to the ischial tuberosity. THere is no pain on rest Pain typically occurs during walking and running to the extent that walking becomes quite painful and impossible at times A sports person has labelled it as pyriformitis. But the pain appears to be much caudad. In the area of the superior and inferior gamelle. Kindly advice