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Recovery program for boxers fracture (comminuted) any advice?

Question: Recovery program for boxers fracture (comminuted) any advice?

Does anyone have any specific program they have used for dealing with a 5th metacarpal comminuted fracture which has been surgically repaired (2 k wires inserted)? Would bony union be affected by the insertion of wires - positively or negatively?



A lot would depend on when you had the operation and the instructions from the surgeon. Generally speaking though, the k wires are there to hold the fragments in place so that bone healing can occur. I would imagine that you have been limited in the amount of movement you are allowed, but once the surgeon lifts these restrictions, regaining full range of movement is the first thing to do.
The k wires could possibly be removed in future, especially if causing any problems. You would need to speak with your surgeon.
I would recommend going to see a specialist hand therapist once you are allowed to start your rehab.
Hope this helps.