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recent ham string injury

Question: recent ham string injury

I am a 42 year old Male,I have been weight training for many years.
I was on my second set of deadlifts yesterday morning with 225 lbs. as I lifted and was midway I heard and felt a loud pop in my hamstring.I immediately dropped the weight and danced around in an attempt to recover.I went to the showers and I noticed that the pain subsided untill I tried to touch my toes and the pain was excrutiating.I went to the Dr. and she gave me an anti-inflamatory steroid shot,an anti-inflamatory antibiotic and Flexeril for a muscle relaxer.She also told me specifically not to use ice (RICE) she said to elevate and apply heat for 48 to 72 hours as much as possible in between work.She said the heat would allow the medicine to get to the affected area quicker.My question is does this sound accurate and where do I go from here?how long do I continue this type of treatment and how soon should I start trying to do streches?what type of streching therepy should I be doing?


I am sorry for you,but i think you are making everything in the wrong way,what you feel it is a synonym of a strain in the hamstrings...and usually the best treatment is rice..the new medical vision is contradicting the use of anti inflamatory (cox2)in the inflamatory period (24 to 48 hours)depending of the level of the strain ..also the heat is especially contrandicated...because when the strain is accompagniated by a hemmoragia...and when you make heat you increase the volume of the internal muscle should make rice ...which is rest ice compression and physiotherapist working for 7 years in sport,and its the first time i hear this treatment...and i want to know why the antibiotic...good luck and i hope i make your mind clear..