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question about pain after eccentrics for achilles tendinitis

Question: question about pain after eccentrics for achilles tendinitis


I am a 37 year old runner and have been running for 30 years competitively. I run mostly trails with some roads for speed work. I run from 4 miles to 26 miles and hope to compete in 50k's some day. I am a pretty good runner in that my 1/2 marathon pr is 1 hr 18:10, 5K ; 16:02, 2 mile; 10:00 and 1 mile 4:39. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and so the hills are low here.

I have had mild achilles pain and stiffness for 2 months and thought that with no running and a month's worth of eccentric excercises outlined in your red book about prevention and treatment, that it would improve. I even started out doing one set of ten a day and then as pain became more frequent, I did it every other day.

Here's the thing, I have never had pain during the excercises. Only the next day or even once a week would there be pain. It has never been much, only 2 out of ten at most. More recently It has hurt for 5 days in a row (scale of 1-2)and stiffness has increased.

My questions are;

1. Should I wait for there to be no pain for a few weeks before I start into the eccentrics? Or is mild pain part of the healing process?

2. If I do have pain should I cease the excercises and wait again until pain free for a few weeks?

3. I have read a few studies about eccentrics and they all say that I can't hurt my achilles with them and that they are safe but starting out with 2 sets of 15, straight and bent heel drops a day seems alot. Should I just toughen up and do it?

Thank you very much for your time.
Bryan Gagner