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Pulled my hamstring last may. Developed lower back problems, and all along the outside of hamstring is STILL sore!

Question: Pulled my hamstring last may. Developed lower back problems, and all along the outside of hamstring is STILL sore!

I pulled my hamstring last may... I came to college to compete in my sport (track and field). I developed back spasms, and the outside of my hamstring is still extremely sore (sensitive to the touch) and the pain runs all the way up and down my hamstring into my lower back. I have been doing hamstring and back exercises for months, and have been receiving stem, and stretching. What the heck is the problem! I am so frustrated and I dont know where to go from here. Will massaging help release pressure, or what? Also i have been told not to stretch a pull but it has been over a year almost and I am trying to elongate the muscle. Any insight would really be appreciated. I am so lost at this point.


Hi Rob!
I would recommend that you check your SI´s. I had similar kind of problems about 10 years ago and finally the problem focused in SI. Dysfunction in that area gave really annoying symptoms in hamstring area. They were tight and just would not let go loose.
You can check articles for SI in this page or check this one,


Hi there

I am an Australian Kinesiologist/sports therapist

The hamstrings, Biceps femoris and semitendinosus, are energetically related to the large intestine, this simply means they work on the same energy and the same meridian. Allergies can cause dysfunctions in the intestines and, in the muscles related to the I.T.
Massaging the PSIS's, the prominent knobs on the back of the pelvis, and massaging L5, the lowest spinal segment will benefit you. also rotary movements, with arms spread, while sitting back to front on a dining chair. This might shift the L5 joint sufficient to remove any nerve impediment.
You need to avoid the most allergenic foods, like dairy, peanuts, eggs, potatoes, food coloring and the likes. Most of the clients we see in our clinic with similar type problems have dairy allergies. Our usual reply is; If you have come to our clinic on your own you are old enough to stop suckling from the cow. If you feel you still need a wetnurse try goats or sheep milk. It is closer in composition to human milk, but the bottom line is 'stop suckling'

Good luck