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prolonged ankle injury

Question: prolonged ankle injury

Hi,thank you for taking out time and attending my question.

Roughly about a year back i twisted my ankle while trying to jump a 4 feet wall.Even though the height of the wall wasn't great but unfortunately i landed on my left ankle and it got twisted(inwards).At that time i didn't took it seriously and after a few minutes of nursing i resumed my daily work.
The next day the pain increased and i went to see a doctor,meanwhile i had bandaged that ankle.After doing the X ray and all he said that i had a torn muscle and it would take about a month to heel.All that month i was on complete bed rest and had a plaster on my leg also.My doctor didn't gave me any medicine,just an ointment and asked me to do regular exercises
After about 45 days the pain did recede and i was feeling much better.Even though at times i did feel the pain but it would go away after taking some rest.
About 5 months after back that same ankle twisted again.Even after doing the rehab this time also i didn't took any drugs,just normal exercise.I still feel pain in that ankle while running or jogging and sometimes even while applyng some weight on that ankle.I feel that the condition is quite serious.
I'm quite worried about this injury because it could seriously effect my long held dream of joining the Army.

Please help
Thank You