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Please advise treatment for my Right Leg

Question: Please advise treatment for my Right Leg

I am 46 years old, athlete, 5.11 height, 80 kgs weight.
Since five years i have a problem with my right leg
No flexibility, difficult to walk and cant run

there is no pain but less sensation in my right leg
Difficulty in bending. My right leg appears to be stiff and have a balance problem. Cant stand for long or walk to a long distance.
If I am sitting for a long time cant immediately walk
my right leg does not move.

its embarassing and im depressed

please advise the correct treatment for my right leg.


Hi, I am sorry to hear of your problem. It does sound distressing.

I will pop your question on our Facebook page and pass any answers on to you.

In the meantime, have you had your leg assessed by a Dr?


From Chirs Swindale on Facebook.

"It sounds like a neural problem, either with the back or one of the nerves in the leg. Hard to tell without actually seeing you, but I would suggest having someone assess your back and look for the root cause of the problem"