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Persistent posterior medial ankle pain

Question: Persistent posterior medial ankle pain

Dear Sir,
In the process of changing my running form from heel to midfoot/forefoot strike, I developed pain postero-medially to the right Achilles tendon. That was 6 weeks ago. MRI showed mild tendinitis and tendinosis. It still hurts, just about the same, 3-4/10. Icing makes it worse, and even more does plyometric exercise. Now, even mild nonplyometric exercise agravates it. Nonsteroidal antiinflamatories (Celebrex) have not helped much.
This pain started about 24-48 hours after exercise, which is the way most exercise related pains develop in my case. Somehow I am missing the feedback that would make me stop the exercise before injury. Have you seen this delayed tendon/joint pain onset before? (I am not talking about muscle soreness).
What do you suggest?
Thanks a lot,