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peroneal strain

Question: peroneal strain

hi, I'm a sports physio working for a football team.
i have a elite player 20 yr old who has b/l peroneal strain. ive been treating him since past 6 months but any treatment given is not sufficient.

he c/o lat loower leg pain while running,cannot take sharp turns or give quick passes because of this pain.
it is more after practice.
o/e tenderness positive over peroneals, ms spasm. pain on resistance.
foot evaluation- b/l pronated feet

treatment ive been giving him- icing immediately after the match.
post match- TENS to relieve the pain,mulligan for ankle,
strengthening of peroneals,dorsiflexors and plantar flexors and specifically tibialis posterior with theraband. appropriate stretching exs. core muscle exs.
prescribed insole to correct pronation.
hot water fermentation at home. pain reduces within a week...but it recurrs again...........
still have not got satisfactory results. can u help me out.