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Hi Everyone
Could someone please advice.
I do some light gym work and I am a novice at moutain hill climbing. My friend and I did a 10 mile treak around Pen-y-Fan Horshoe route in Brecon Beacons - there are four peaks and teh highes is PenyFan at around 2900 feet. I had a backpack on about 7-9 pounds in weight
Going up was fine apart from having to stop to get my breath and legs being heavy but made it and thoroughly enjoyed the trek.
I do not use any poles although seen a lot of people on this walk with them.
On the way down I guess I was using the same lead leg and looking back now after some reviews, I think I may have been bit heavy on the feet on the way donw, not sure.
I have never had any knee injury and as I say the ascent was fine. The problem began on the way down which is rather steep in that my right knee began to ache and it was aching initially on the outside. From what I have read, it sounds like it could be the Iliotibial band (IBT) problem)
Anyway I tried altering my lead leg, tried going sides ways but the pain was still there.
As time went on, the pain in the right knee was complete (describe later) it then began in the left nad knee starting at the outside.
The trek was 10.5 miles for 7 hours.

By the end, it was extremely painful to even walk down any descent, I was almost hobbling with the pain on every step. If I stopped and stood still, there was no ache or pains, it only began once I began to descend again, knee after knee!

The feeling of the pain was asif it was then inside, all I can describe it as a feeling of, one can imaging like to upside down capital T together, I mean as if its bone on bone with the pain feeling radiating inside but started from the outside.

There is no swelling, no pain on the knee cap, no problem squatting or kneeling. If I press on the nobbly bit on the outside of each knee, I can feel a tender bit but not as painful as it was.

A few days later, I am as if nothing has happened apart from I can just about feel the slight pain beginning as I walk down a few flights of stairs.

On searching google, there seems to be a lot of comments on runners knee and painful knees on descending but they then talk about all these fancy knee problems that leave me stunned as to what my problem was

Would anyone have any idea as to what my problem was with my description. Any tips on what I can do to try to stop or minimise this from happening again?
Thansk in advance
PS teh views were fantastic as the weather was really good


Firstly, apologies for delay in answering your post.

My sympathies, I absolutely hate descents! I get pain in my knees also but not as severe as you describe, yours sounds awful. I'd rather go up all day long.

I will pop your question on our Facebook and Twitter and pass only any responses to you.

Also thanks for drawing my attention to this route, sounds like something my friends and I would like!

Welcome to SIB.


From Nick Outlaw on Facebook.

"Lack of Dorsi flexion in his ankle. Calf stretches to increase ankle mobility"


It may be a glute weakness causing an increase in femoral rotation and overloading of the lateral structures of your knee that are trying to stabilise it. I would advise getting your gait analysed to check for any femoral rotation.