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patella femoral syndrome

Question: patella femoral syndrome

My 12 year old son started football practice this week, and after about two days he started complaining about hip and knee pain. I took him to the urgent care today because it was clearly hampering him when doing the different drills. He was diagnosed with patella femoral syndrome. The team will be going into pads on Monday, I know I will be holding him out next week, but I would like to know what is a good way of rehabbing him while he's out? Is this a season ending injury? I read on the internet that a knee brace would be good, and also I might want to change his cleats. He has a pair of cleats that hurt his feet because they are too narrow, so he fixed that by wearing dress socks. Could that be the cause? I don't know about the knee brace because the hip is what is bothering him most. He has never had any problems like this in the past.