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Pain upper/outer part of in the back of left knee

Question: Pain upper/outer part of in the back of left knee

One thing I know is that there isn't an obvious time in which this injury took place, so I cant say for sure weather it was a hyper extension or not. I tend to think it could very well be bicep femoris tendinitis (probably the short head)? The pain does carry up the hamstring a few inches, but not too far. It doesn't hurt when I put the hamstring under a great deal of weight as I have kind of been sucking up the pain and driving on (likely the stubborn army grunt in me...) but i know that pain is the body's way of telling the brain that there is damage. What is surprising is that the pain does not increase when I Deadlift NEAR maximum weight, or when I squat (normal/parallel depth), nor does it hurt too bad the days following training.

When it does hurt (and it hurts bad) is when the knee nears full flexion, not extension. This is strange to me, but the issue has been lingering for about 2 weeks now. It did stunt my activity initially, but i decided to continue with training, and it hasn't really gotten worse, but it sure hasn't gotten better after two weeks...

What could be wrong?