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Pain on the outside of the elbow..............

Question: Pain on the outside of the elbow..............

I have had pain on the outside of my right elbow for around 3 months now. Okay during movements of elbow flexion and extension such as bi curls and tri extensions. But during upright rows, and single arm rows get a lot of shooting pain, its very frustrating. Doctor no help, just suggests rest and an anti inflammatory gel as and when. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Many thanks, Amanda

P.s. Also get pain when hoovering, which I'm very happy to stop!


Sounds like you have a repetitive strain injury. Stay off of the Bicep Curls and Tricep Extensions as these exercises mixed with day-to-day tasks can cause the tendon and connective tissue to become inflamed creating your current predicament.
Ice the area and wear a support sleeve/bandage/strapping beginning at the wrist and have strapped to support as high as the elbow itself. This will help minimise shock the forearm and elbow suffer throughout day-to-day tasks and exercise.
Perhaps consult a Sports Injury Therapist and check your rotator cuff muscles around the shoulder joint and shoulder blade for a possible injury or scar tissue that may have formed from past injuries. This could be causing secondary tension to spread into your forearm.
As for the hoovering, get the partner or family to take care of that! :D
Hope this helps! All the best!

Matt Swan


Can you narrow down the causes of your pain a little better? Does gripping cause you pain? Computer work? From your brief description, it's most likely tennis elbow. In that case, anti-inflammatory gel and rest will do nothing.