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Pain in Hip, Buttock and Quad

Question: Pain in Hip, Buttock and Quad

I do a lot of dancing and Mixed Martial Arts. In my profession, I give lectures that last an entire day (8 hours). I also work out at a gym and do some bike riding. I experience a great deal of pain in the lower back, buttock and hip area. After a while, the quad will get sore too. Two activities in particular cause the pain: dancing and standing. Dancing, especially rhythm such as rumba, will cause the pain to start in about 5-10 minutes, as will standing for long periods. While standing, the pain will appear in 5-10 minutes. The pain subsides usually when I sit down. In both cases, the pain will worsen with activity and as the day goes on. I can get some temporary relief during these activities by doing a standing hamstring stretch (I will hold the involved leg out on the floor, toe up, heel on the floor, and bend at the waist to stretch the hamstring.) Aerobic activities such as biking or Zumba (vigorous dancercise) do not bring on the pain. Mostly standing and dancing. I have a slight leg discrepancy (the involved leg is 1/4 inch shorter), am slightly bow legged in the involved leg, and generally have poor flexibility. I am quite fit, but I am working to improve that too. The therapist believes it is Ilial Tibial Band problem. Some others think it is sciatica. I will welcome any advice and recommendations you can offer.


Lou Bartley


I don't understand how to access your answer. Pls help.


I thought mine was sciatica as well but since beginning therpy I think the diagnoses of Ilial Tibial Band syndrome is correct. check out bing for info on addressing exercises that canhelp.