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Pain in the Buttock.

Question: Pain in the Buttock.

Im 18yrs old and have been experiencing pain in the buttock for about 2 and a half yrs now. this injury started at the end of tennis season 2 yrs ago there was no sudden instant where the injury came one but just gradually got worse where i had pain in the buttock and hamstring on the right side. i have been to physios and chiropractors and had diagnosis from hamstring stains to high hamstring tendinitis. ive been stretching and strengthening my hip, eventually we thought it was a laberal tear in the hip and had an arthroscope performed on it 6 months ago to repair it. that didn't seem to work as now i have the same issue again which is now sending pain from the butt and running down my leg into my ankle. the injury prevents me from playing tennis, due to pain. its driving me insane as I am a passionate tennis player am looking to find out what is wrong so i can get back on court.


For any kind of strain, tear or tendonitis, cold therapy is very beneificial (which i am sure you already know). I definitly suggest putting a cold compress on it as much as possible. It will reduce any internal inflammation and will help with the pain.

I wish you all the best.


I also suffered from a "pain in the butt"! and I agree with AmberLianne in regards to cold therapy. I actually was suffering from July to October of 2013 with a tight piriformis which caused major sciatica issues. My biggest issue was standing from a sitting position without excruciating pain, or being able to fully extend my right leg flat out in front of me when seated. Pain radiated from just above my right side and radiated all the way down my leg. The pain was excruciating and had me in tears often. In October 2013 I had enough and went to see my Dr. He sent me to a physiotherapist and I also started using some home based products. The ColdCure back was a wonderful product. First thing in the morning, I would use the first gel pack (out of the fridge, not freezer) for about 30min, then I would swap it out for a 2nd cold one. By about 15 min through the second gel, my pain was substantially gone and I could function again. I used Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy 2-3 times per day around my schedule. I went to physio two times per week for 3 weeks and was down to once a week for only 2 more weeks and then I was released. Physiotherapy consisted of stretching exercises (both done by myself and manually by the physiotherapist). After each session they applied cold (to decrease inflammation caused from working the area during the physio session) followed by some form of therapy (electric currant; laser; ultrasound etc., basically to stimulate the blood flow) At home I would follow my regular treatment regimen of BFST and ColdCure as well. My physiotherapist was amazed at how quickly my condition improved since typically, sessions are usually 3 times per week for 6 weeks or more. It was probably more due to the fact that I didn't have to wait for my physio appointments in order to keep my blood flow stimulated. I was able to continue, not only my stretching exercises, but was also able to use my products at home in between sessions. When first starting physio, I could not lift my right leg to even a 45 degree angle (while laying flat on my back). Within the 5 weeks (only 8 physio treatments) my leg could be extended way past a 90 degree angle. I still have full range of motion and haven't had a relapse, thank goodness!! There is hope so i hope you can find some releif!