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Pain behind knee

Question: Pain behind knee

I am a more of a recreational runner with a troublesome knee. What I have is something like an ITB injury. This happened months ago. Got better but still at the niggly stage, able to run on it, even hard as well. Now after a short , quick run it feels liek I tweaked something behind my knee. I have been off running now for over two weeks and been wearing a tensor brace to give support while I do my daily morning newspaper deliveries. I get some pain while cycling but a lot more while going up & especially descending stairs. Fast walking is possible as well as hard cycling though there is a little bit of discomfort while doing that. It feels like at times something is almost giving out behind knee. The physio. sees some laxity in ligaments but not enough to cause problems. For the record there is osteoarthritis in both knees and I am really concerned while I am favouring this knee it is going to get progressively weaker. it is hard to do one-legged 1/4 squats. does anyone here have anything like this?


Hi there, I will put your question on our Facebook page and pass on any response to you.

Sorry to hear about your injury.


As a Sports Therapist, the first thing I'd check for is tightness in your glutes, as this can cause weakness/tightness down hamstrings and thus posterior knee. Loosening them off should help with the tightness and the squat issue too. Weak/malfunctioning glutes could also be behind the ITB type injury.

So the best advice I can give is to find yourself a local Sports Therapist who is qualified to level 5 or above, as they deal with this type of injury/symptom regularly and will be best placed to assess and help you out.


Yes, could you do this, it would be helpful for me to see how someone else has dealt with this.


Hi, I was shown an ITB stretch where I am to be supine, then stretch my leg across while using a belt or an old inner tube off a bike wheel.
I think my glutes have gotten weak over the course of time.


The best solution is hands-on assessment & treatment.

You don't say whereabouts you are. If you let me know the area you are in I could recommend someone who can help you.


Hi, I am from Victoria, B.C., Canada.

I tried some more walking with a little bit of jogging. It's odd how my knee feels a bit better from doing just a bit of jogging. It still hurts a bit while cycling and quite more so while descending stairs, etc., actually limping down these.


Hi , have you had a chance to check this out for me...are you overseas and maybe you do not have access to info?


What is your range of motion ? Does you knee bend and straighten fully (equal to the uninvolved knee) ? Also need to consider gastroc and soleus strain and flexibility. Can you raise onto your toes without pain (two legs at once as well as one leg at a time)?


Iliotibial band syndrome or ITBS, is a painful type of knee pain. One quick look at the anatomy below can help you realize that the cause of the pain can be anywhere from the hip to the knee. The stinging sensation just above the knee joint is felt on the outside of the knee or along the entire length of the iliotibial band. Iliotibial Band Syndrome is a common cause of lateral knee pain in runners too.