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Ongoing Rectus femoris injury

Question: Ongoing Rectus femoris injury

Hello, Just a question i would like to ask as i am having problems rehabilitating a rectos femoris injury. I first injured this back in June playing football when i got a bad pain which i thought was in my groin as i had gillmores groin at the time,i played on but was in pain. After the match it hurt a lot and it took a about 6-8 weeks to become pain free. I was booked in for a double gillmores groin operation in august so i was hoping by the time this had recovered so would of my rectus femoris injury. However its now 6 monthes since and I'm still in the same situation my groins are fine but any sprinting or fast running i get the same discomfort and shooting pains down my right thigh just below the hip bone. Any ideas on what i could do?


If you are getting shooting pains, you may have trapped/damaged a nerve. So I would go get this looked at by your GP- they may refer you or may tell you to go to a Sports Therapist/Physio.